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identity effects in social media
with sean taylor, lev muchnik, and sinan aral
nature human behavior, 2022

how do successful scholars get their best research ideas? an exploration
with cathy cao, xinyu cao, matthew cashman, artem timoshenko, jeremy yang, shuyi yu, jerry zhang, yuting zhu, and birger wernerfelt
marketing letters, 2019


working papers

generative ai and personalized video advertisements
with anuj kapoor
major revision, marketing science frontiers, 2023

the virtualization hypothesis: explaining sustained blockchain decentralization with quasi experiments
with harang ju, ehsan valavi, and sinan aral
under review, 2023

are blockchain ecosystems centralizing or decentralizing? a framework for longitudinal analysis
with harang ju, ehsan valavi, and sinan aral
under review, 2023

inclusive recommendations and user engagement
with pedro silva, ashudeep singh, and abhay varmaraja
working paper, 2023

algorithmic pricing and consumer sensitivity to price volatility
with diego aparicio and dean eckles
working paper, 2023

challenges in online experimentation
with iav bojinov, david holtz, ramesh johari, nathan kallus, and multiple industry co-authors
technical report, 2023

scalable bundling via dense product embeddings
with dean eckles and sinan aral
major revision, management science, 2022